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Orientation aid for media at IDS 2019

The following list offers an initial cross-section of the many areas of application and new products of IDS 2019. The list serves as an introductory orientation and does not claim to be comprehensive. The themes and products presented here are merely an example for certain developments and applications. Other exhibitors also offer comparable products. The list can not replace the research carried out by editorial offices like that of the electronic new product directory of IDS or by the exhibiting companies. The individual companies are entirely responsible for the contents and the descriptions of the products and processes themselves.

3D printing: New materials, printers and software for the digital workflow
The interplay between the materials, hardware and software is decisive for an efficient, digital workflow. In this connection, DMG is presenting a package of new developments. The LuxaPrint family is being expanded by four materials, which allow new key applications using 3D printing. The 3D printers DMG 3Demax & 3Delite set new benchmarks regarding speed and easy handling. Furthermore, DMG is presenting DentaMile, individualisable software for the safe, validatable 3D creation of medical products.
DMG, Hamburg, Hall 10.1, Stand H40/J49; Press contact: Florian Breßler

Dentaurum Implantsis launching the revolution in implantology
A worldwide unique implant system called tioLogic TWINFIT has been developed. In addition to safety and handling efficiency, this patented system also offers the user maximum flexibility from the insertion through to the final restoration and beyond. The revolutionary abutment switch enables the provision of two prosthetic connection geometries - conical and platform - on just one implant. The depth stop system additionally provides an individual and safe surgical preparation.
Dentaurum Implants, D-75228 Ispringen; Hall 10.1; E/F 10/11; Press contact: Hans-Ulrich Winter

Individual teeth cleaning at professional level
The new Philips Sonicare ExpertClean cleans with a depth penetration that is so thorough that the results are on a par with professional dental cleaning. Equipped with the sensor technology, the innovative sonic toothbrush fulfils all requirements for individual oral health and offers optimum comfort: The user receives a real-time feedback while cleaning his teeth. And in combination with the Philips Sonicare app, success reports are generated,

which motivate the user and improve his oral care habits long-term.
Philips, D-22335 Hamburg; Hall 5.2, Stand C010; Press contact: Jeannine Kritsch, Susanne Fleischer

Polymerisation lamp that thinks for itself
Bluephase PowerCure embodies a new generation of polymerisation lamps. Its automatic lighting assistant recognises when it is moved inside the patient's mouth. By vibrating the lamp notifies the user of such errors and automatically extends the amount of time the lamp stays on for. If the position changes too much, the device actually even switches itself off autonomously. The process can be repeated correctly. Thanks to its high performance of 3,000 mW/cm² it also helps harden the composite faster and more safely, for example in the case of the 3s PowerCure product system.
Ivoclar Vivadent AG, FL-9494 Schaan; Hall 11.3, Stand A20 - D39; Press contact: André Büssers

The future of composites: Variable from A1 to D4 in one single syringe
Colours from light: For the first time colours are not being created using added pigments, instead through selectively generated structural colours, combined with the reflection of the colour of the surrounding teeth. The OMNICHROMA phenomenon uses the "Smart Chromatic Technology" as well as the spherical filling body of TOKUYAMA, which is gained using the "cultured pearl principle" to achieve this effect. The result: One single composite for all colours.
Tokuyama Dental Deutschland GmbH, Altenberge; Hall 10.1, Stand A038 B039; Press contact: Markus Leson

Perfecting the digital moulding
Primescan is a new, very powerful intraoral scanner that enables scans in an accuracy never achieved before. A new survey by Zurich University also confirms this. The dental surfaces are recorded directly in the required resolution, the scanner doesn't take much time to do so, offers a high definition also in the depth and thus provides a significantly increased detail accuracy of the 3D model. Primescan is designed for various digital workflows - with the laboratory, directly in the practice with CEREC or in conjunction with external partners.
Dentsply Sirona, 5071 Wals near Salzburg; Hall 10.2 & 11.2; Press contact: Marion Par-Weixlberger, Günther Schmidhuber

Innovative filling concept for the posterior region
Surefil one is a new self-adhesive application robust restoration material with integrated ASAR technology ("Advanced Self-Adhesive Restoratives"). It unites the simplicity of a glasionomer with the service life of classic composites and is moreover aesthetic. Using Surefil one a cavity can be treated without adhesive and retentive preparation using just one layer. To this end a capsule of the material is inserted into the cavity, briefly processed using an instrument and then light-cured.

Finally the filling can be sanded and polished for optimum occlusion.
Dentsply Sirona, 5071 Wals near Salzburg; Hall 10.2 & 11.2; Press contact: Marion Par-Weixlberger, Günther Schmidhuber

Aligner bars can now an integral part of the digital workflow
Treatment provider can now offer their patients fully digitally produced SureSmile aligner bars. Here the new Cloud-based SureSmile aligner software is used. Linking up X-ray data, 3D models and patient photos enables the predictability of clinical results. The platform processes all of the common intraoral scanners as an open system STL file and offers the options "Ideal" (TechCenter) and "Custom" (treatment provider) for the creation of the prescription. SureSmile aligner bars are based on the long-standing clinical and technical experiences of specialists.
Dentsply Sirona, 5071 Wals near Salzburg; Hall 10.2 & 11.2; Press contact: Marion Par-Weixlberger, Günther Schmidhuber

Fast solution for 4-surface fillings
Walser matrices are implemented in seconds in more than 120 countries worldwide at the flick of a wrist. Anatomic in shape and self-clamping they adjust automatically to fit the tooth. Ade blood and saliva in the cavity! This also applies for the new 10a Walser matrix, which was developed for 4-surface fillings and which has an additional, adjustable band. It was developed on special request from many dentists. Papillary bleeding is rare and the dental roll holder is integrated. As all Walser matrices it can be sterilised. This is kinder to the environment and the patients!
Dr. Walser Dental, D-78315 Radolfzell; Hall 11.3 Stand E-039; Press contact: Katja Wieczorek

The shape of the future
Neoss aesthetic healing abutments with ScanPeg in Peek have the same function as normal healing abutments, during the healing process forming the soft tissue. However in combination with the ScanPeg, which is inserted into the healing abutment without screws, a digital moulding can take place using an intraoral scanner without interrupting the "biological sealing" through the moulding process and the level of tissue can remain intact. The product is part of the Esthetiline product line and is compatible with Esthetiline abutments individual CAD/CAM abutments.
Neoss GmbH, D-50670 Cologne; Hall: 4.2 Stand K90; Press contact: Rainer Woyna

Unique front tooth matrices for the restoration of front teeth
A front-tooth matric for the restoration of front teeth like Class III, IV, V, directly coated composite blends and shape modifications, diastema corrections: The steel matrix adapts to suit the different morphology of the front teeth correctly thanks to its contoured shape and enables the restoration for the interpromixal edges and cervical section, in just one step, also when using cofferdam or gingiva retraction thread, which significantly reduces the treatment time.

The placement wings enable a fast and efficient positioning of the matrix.
Polydentia SA, Mezzovico-Vira, Switzerland; Hall 10.2 Stand N058; Press contact: Sabine Zucchetti

Restoration composites for all classes of cavities - with a time saving!
GC G-ænial Universal Injectable is injectable and is ideal for drain down cavity walls and also edges to block off cavities and undercuts - however at the same time it retains its shape when applied. The material is suitable for all classes of cavities and offers the corresponding aesthetic prerequisites for the restoration of front teeth. Through thixotropy and the possibility of building up the anatomy step by step with an injection, time can be saved during the last work step.
GC, Leuven, Belgium; Hall 11.2, Stand N010 - O019; Press contact: Oliver Kühne

One single composite for fixation and core build-ups
One single composite for fixation and core build-ups - for a long time this was considered inconceivable because of the contradictory requirements. With the aid of the patented Active-Connect-Technology (ACT) the dental specialist Kettenbach Dental have succeeded in mastering this challenge without having to make any compromises regarding the material - the resulting Visalys CemCore System enables a safe adhesive fixation and core build-ups using just a few components.
Kettenbach GmbH & Co. KG, D-35713 Eschenburg, Hall 10.2, Stand O030-P031; Press contact: Dr. Markus Knetsch

Intelligent implant design
The fully-conical Straumann BLX implant unites a progressive, functional design with the high-performance material Roxolid and the clinically tested SLActive surface - developed for reliability in all clinical situations. The intelligent implant design is favourable for the dynamic bone management of Straumann and supports immediate restoration protocols regardless of the bone class. The simplified, yet manifold portfolio with just one connection and undercontoured prosthetic components offers comfortable solutions for harmonious aesthetics.
Institut Straumann AG, 4002 Basel, Switzerland, Hall 4.2 Stand G080 /K089; Press contact: Mark Hill, Thomas Konrad, Mildred Loewen

New toothpaste regenerates weakened tooth enamel
The new toothpaste Sensodyne ProEnamel Tooth Enamel REPAIR strengthens and protects the tooth enamel. Thanks to its innovative formula tooth enable that is weakened by acids is verifiably repaired. The adapted pH value and the lactate contained in the formula promote the remineralisation due to the weakened tooth enable surface being able to absorb fluoride more efficiently. The copolymer contained encloses fluoride and calcium deep down in the tooth enamel and protects the teeth against attacks from acids contained in the foodstuffs consumed.
GSK Consumer Healthcare, D-80339 Munich, Hall 5.1; Press contact: Kerstin Köster

Digital Native Automation Unit
Ceramill Matik is defining a new equipment segment for dental technology. As a full-service unit it unites three appliances in one. In addition to the actual processing station, it disposes of a fully-automated (practically autonomous) warehouse management system as well as an integrated cleaning unit for wet and dry operation. The effort and the complexity in the material and tool administration is dramatically reduced which at the same time saves a great deal of time. The Ceramill Matik offers highest performance and can be used for a wide selection of materials and indications in dental laboratories of all sizes.
Amann Girrbach AG, A-6842 Koblach; Stand: Hall 11.1, G030/H039 - G040/H041; Press contact: Judith Salzgeber

First thermoviscous composite
As the first thermoviscous composite VisCalor bulk unites the advantages of a flowable yet mouldable filling material. Due to its "Thermoviscous technology" the filling material that was developed especially for being heated initially changes into a flowable and then -within seconds, mouldable composite as a result of the extra-oral warming. The initial viscosity enables an optimal draining off and an air pocket-free application - even in areas that are difficult to see. The second consistency enables the mouldability of the material.
VOCO, D-27472 Cuxhaven; Hall 10.2 Stand R8/S9 + P10, Hall 5.2 Stand C4; Press contact: Denice May

Smart solution revolutionises treatment management
W&H is expanding its digital offer with the addition of the ioDent-System. The system supports users in the planning and documentation of implants and sterilisation processes. Treatments can simply be planned per PC or a mobile device in the ioDent online platform and transferred over to the respective W&H device. Automated documentation processes bring the practices more security. ioDent supports the device management and provides information about the services. Resources can be implemented with more foresight and more efficiently.
W&H Dentalwerk Bürmoos GmbH, A-5111 Bürmoos; Hall 10.1, C/D 10-11; Press contact: Susanne Kreuzhuber

First examination glove with anti-microbial properties
B. Braun is launching the first examination glove with anti-microbial properties onto the market in Germany: Vasco Protect blue. Vasco Protect blue has an antimicrobial effect against gram-positive bacteria including MRSA and VRE and is thus a further important component in the company's efforts to prevent nosocomial infections (NI) from spreading.
B. Braun Melsungen AG, D-34212 Melsungen; Hall 10.1, Stand C020/D029; Contact person: Moritz Liewer

Small difference with a big impact
With a 6 mm thicker basal layer on the chromatic neck section, the new polychromatic VITA ENAMIC multiColor EMC-16 (16 x 18 x 18 mm) offers from now on even more individual leeway when positioning the crown in the virtual block. Within the available 18 millimetre total height, colour saturation and translucency can be reproduced on the PC in an even more patient-friendly way. The advantages of the biomimetic, dual network remain intact. Especially for long front-tooth and abutment crowns this hybrid-ceramic alternative is the material of choice.
VITA Zahnfabrik, D-79704 Bad Säckingen; Hall 10.1, D-010; Press contact: Björn Kersten, Rebecca Linge

New formula for a healthy oral cavity
Dual zinc and arginine - with this new formula the Colgate Total toothpaste offers a wide spectrum of advantages for oral health. Zinc compounds have been used in oral and dental care products for some already, but the formula which combines the amino acid arginine with a dual zinc system is a genuine innovation. The toothpaste containing fluoride is suitable for patients with healthy mouths and who do not require any special therapeutic measures. It protects against plaque and gingivitis as well as against tooth decay, dental hypersensitivity and halitosis.
CP GABA GmbH, D-20097 Hamburg; Hall 5.2, Stand A010 B019; Press contact: Dr. Marianne Gräfin von Schmettow

ULTRADENT presented a survey at IDS 2017 that has now been realised as E-matic
The special thing about it: The pneumatic parallel shift of the dental appliance. A pneumatic cylinder silently pushes the dental appliance attached to a guide rail in any desired position, either manually or as a programmable unit. As soon as the chair is steered into the upright position, the dental appliance automatically moves backwards. Two joints ensure that the appliance is aligned ideally for the user. The armrests accommodate the movements of the patient.
ULTRADENT Dental-Medizinische Geräte GmbH & Co. KG, D-85649 Brunnthal; Hall 10.2, R/S 30-31; Press contact: Ekkard Miedke

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