25.–29.03.2025 #IDScologne

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Steam Sterilizer Apollo 23 (23L capacity ) | Exhibitor on the IDS - International Dental Show 2023

Steam Sterilizer Apollo 23 (23L capacity )

1. With Thermal printer as standard configuration.
2. Double drainage joint design, easy to use.
3. Automatic water supply scheme (optional) automatic water supply and drainage.
4. Standard large capacity USB disk can store 1 million sterilization records.
5. Standard electric door model.
6. Fault reporting function
7. European Class B model, with 3-stage prevacuum process.
8. THT process validation system monitors the temperature and pressure in real time, thus ensures the validity of the sterilization.
9. Universal RS-232 serial port allows the user either to connect the autoclave to a label printer, or to a PC to monitor and test the validation of the sterilization cycles.
10. 4 test programs onboard which is easy to test the sterilizer performance and working environment.
11. 5 sterilization cycles available to meet the customers' different needs
12. Pressure sensor can be accurate to 1mbar which monitors the pressure in real time.
13. With automatic over-temperature protection device to avoid accidents caused by excessive temperature.
14. Double overpressure protection ensures the safety of sterilization process.
15. Double door lock safety protection can prevent misoperation and reduce the risk factor.
Floor 2 - 4,Building 1 of District A, 3588 Zhuhai Avenue,Xiangzhou District
519000 Zhuhai ,Guangdong