25.–29.03.2025 #IDScologne

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Preliminary list of exhibitor 2025

You want to know which exhibitors are present at the IDS 2025? Then have a look through the preliminary list of exhibitor of the International Dental Show.

Here you find the preliminary list of exhibitor of IDS 2025 for download.

Download the preliminary list of exhibitors (.pdf)


AMMDENT NANO FILL DENTAL BOND | Exhibitor on the IDS - International Dental Show 2023


Bonding Agent                                                                                                                                                     

Bonding Agent is a single step bonding agent that delivers outstanding shear bonding values to dentin, enamel & all popular light, dual or  auto-care composites. Bonding Agent utilizes advanced Colloidal Glass Technology to provides a first class dental adhesive.


Direct Composite or compomer restorations

Adhesive Cementation

Composite repair

Essential Ingredients

Triehyleneglyol dimethacrylate

Alophatic polyester urethane acrylate

Adhesive accelator

Hydroxyethyl methacrylate




Instructions for use (See illustration)

Tooth preparation

Prepare the tooth according to clinical requirements



1.             Etch enamel and/or dentin for 5-10 secs

2.             Rinse with oil free water for 5-10 secs

3.             Blot dry excess moisture from the surface and verify that the                 surface is completely moisture free.

Application of Bonding Agent

1.     Dispense bonding directly onto a brush of micro brush by             holding the brush tip directly over the nozzle of the  title bottle.

2.     Apply an ample amount of bonding, leave undisturbed for 15secs. Remove solvents with a vigorous blast of air

        for at least 15 secs or untill no visible movement of  the resin is noted. If the surface appears incompletely

        coated, apply additional material.

3.     Cure bonding agent with a visible light cure unit for 20 secs.

4.     When the restoration retention area lies primarily within dentin, apply a second layer. Remove solvents

        immediately and light cure for 20 seconds.

5.     Restore with visible light cured or self cure composite resin of your choice or cement restoration with composite

        resin cement.

Shelf Life

Shelf life: 2Years when stored at 200C(680F)
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