25.–29.03.2025 #IDScologne

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Polishing tools for the dentist | Exhibitor on the IDS - International Dental Show 2023

Polishing tools for the dentist

Polishing tools for the dentist
oekoDENT polishers are made from the highest quality materials and are specially tailored to the polishing of the
respective materials.
For the polishing of zirconium, ceramics, composites, veneering resins, amalgam, precious metals, denture resins or
cement, you will find the right polisher in different polishing levels.
The polishing system CERA-Shine achieves excellent results when polishing all ceramics. For perfect results on
zirconia, you can choose between the two-stage Panther system or the three-stage ZIRKO-Shine system.
Matched systems as rubber polishers or diamond-impregnated tools for the polishing of all composites, compomers
and glassiomers and hybrid composites.
Of course, you will also find the established greenie and brownie polishers for polishing gold, amalgam and
composites in our range.
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