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G-CEM ONE Universal | Exhibitor on the IDS - International Dental Show 2023

G-CEM ONE Universal

Universal Self-adhesive Resin Cement

Clinicians worldwide share a common need: a simplified cementation procedure using a single product for all indications and restorative materials. Depending on the preparation and needed retention G-CEM ONE Universal can be applied both as standalone self-adhesive resin cement without additional bonding agent and as full adhesive resin cement whenever maximum bond strengths are needed.

In case of retentive preparations G-CEM ONE Universal offers clinicians excellent marginal sealing with invisible, wear resistant margins due to the integration of homogenously distributed fine fillers and 10-MDP adhesive monomer.

In challenging situations whenever maximum adhesion is required (i.e. table-tops/occlusal veneers, adhesive bridges) G-CEM ONE Universal offers two convenient full-adhesive options:

- the innovative Adhesive Enhancing Primer (AEP) and its Touch Cure feature
- the universal bonding agent G-Premio Bond

The AEP is extremely easy to apply as no light-curing step is needed. Just apply on dentin and enamel and air-dry.

G-Premio Bond is a long-term proven multi-purpose solution that offers optimal adhesion to any tooth substrate and can be also used for direct workflows optimizing the inventory and allowing standardized procedures. Its awarded flip-top cap design allows a very precise application.

Both product combinations display very high immediate bond-strength for worry-free luting and an excellent self-cure ability, making it possible to securely lute even thick & opaque restorations.

G-CEM ONE Universal sets a high esthetic standard thanks to its excellent color stability and resistance against discolorations. It is available in four shades, Universal A2, Translucent, AO3 and BO1 (White Opaque) to cover all esthetic cementation needs especially in the anterior area.
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