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Aerodam: the aerosol jet fighter



USER: Qualified professionals (dentists and stomatologists)

INTENDED PURPOSE: Reduction of aerosol cross-contamination in the dental clinic due to dental turbine ejections.


AeroDam is a device that attaches to the dental turbine on one side and to the suction hose connector on the other. Its perimeter design with respect to the turbine head allows maximum proximity to the source of the aerosols without leaving exposed flanks. AeroDam captures the aerosol flow emitted by the turbine, that has been deflected onto the tooth surface or surfaces opposing that flow (dental mirror surface or inside the oral cavity, when the flow direction is not perpendicular to the tooth surface). The proximity of the surface in opposition to the direct flow favours the efficiency of the system. The device is designed so that the airflow forms a dam with a toroidal vortex structure within which the aerosol is confined.


AeroDam is a product suitable for any type of qualified professional, which is essential in “solo practice” without an assistant, as a practical solution to the problem of aerosols.

Grip: The morphology of the device allows the middle part of the turbine handle to be held directly with the thumb and middle finger. The index finger rests on an area on the back of the device that is tactilely recognisable by the fingertip. The grip provides absolute stability and control over the whole unit.

Safety: The integrated control over aerosol aspiration rules out clashes with large suction cannulas, operated by assistants for the same purpose, and eliminates risks for the patient.

Ubiquity: One of the objectives of the design of the device has been to minimise its volume, so as not to interfere with oral structures and the antagonist arch, thus maintaining efficiency in the intended purpose.


AeroDam fits most of the existing turbines up to a maximum head diameter of 12.5mm, with a 90-degree angle.

AeroDam is designed for turbine handles with an angle of 15 degrees or more. As with most turbines, the apex of this angle should be approximately one third of the total length of the handle from the head.

Aerodam fits most wide suction hose connectors with 16mm bore. With the included adapter it can also be fitted to a slim hose connector with 11mm bore.



Although AeroDam is effective under varying conditions, its effectiveness is optimised by the following recommendations:


Suction. The higher the suction volume, the better the efficacy. A high-volume evacuation system (> 250 l/min) is recommended. Performance is optimised with the use of a large suction hose.
Turbine. It is recommended to use triple spray or higher, in good maintenance condition and well directed. It is equally advisable to use a lighted turbine. Moreover, it is recommended to choose the lowest air pressure indicated by the manufacturer.


The AeroDam must be carefully cleaned after each use in order to remove any residues. The


device tolerates the hygiene and surface disinfection systems common in the dental field


(hypochlorite, alcohols, aldehydes, detergents). After proper hygiene, an autoclave cycle is


necessary to ensure sterilisation. The biocompatible plastic material with which it is made


resists moist heat sterilisation at 134ºC.

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