25.–29.03.2025 #IDScologne

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DSI Smart Implant | Exhibitor on the IDS - International Dental Show 2023

DSI Smart Implant

DSI smart implant is developed using histological analysis of the cortical and cancellous bone matter. The lower part is slightly tapered and combines a 0.9mm deep thread and a wide thread to allow a better grip on the cancellous bone while enabling a high blood supply around the core of the implant. The Upper thread overlaps with the lower and ends 5.5mm from the top. Two threads progress identically into the bone on the upper and lower parts. It makes installation at an equal pace throughout its entire length. It eliminates any tension between the upper and lower parts of the implant. The design of the groove at the apex enables the implant to cut through the bone and compress it towards the implant's core. The hybrid dual-thread design delivers high support of the implant in the jawbone, by a reduction of the drilling bone volume.

The special HDTS (Hybrid Dual Thread Screw) technology uses two different thread types for implant insertion. There are double-thread thin grooves on the implant at the cortical bone contact and a single-thread groove at the cancellous bone contact. This design reduces the amount of bone removed by a drilling sequence and enables to transfer of the occlusal forces onto the largest area of the bone-implant contact for better capacity allocation.

• Withstands higher axial & vertical loads compared to other implants.
• Enabling high blood supply around the core of the implant.
• Maximum primary stability.
• Ideally suited for both immediate loading and traditional 2-stage protocols.
• Rounded apex with self-tapping threads for optimal surgical flexibility.
• Internal hex connection accepts the full range of the DSI Prosthetic components.
• SLA surface treatment for better osseointegration and reduced bacterial migration.
• High-stability restorations
• Fast Insertion and excellent primary stability
•  High and consistent survival rates.
Available in 3.75, 4.2 and 4.5 diameters
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