25.–29.03.2025 #IDScologne

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Dental Treatment Unit Triton Plus+ Mobile tablet | Exhibitor on the IDS - International Dental Show 2023

Dental Treatment Unit Triton Plus+ Mobile tablet

Complete Dental Treatment Unit including:
SPAC Italia Luxury Upholstery
Double articulated, 180o rotatable. Height adjustment through an innovative and secure mechanism.
Spittoon Bowl made of high quality porcelain, rotatable towards the patient, detachable for perfect
cleaning and thermodisinfection, extra UV anti-stain coating to prevent blood, saliva and other waste to remain
for a long time onto the surface.
Safety Switch function that prevents the seat from moving when the Spittoon bowl is rotated towards
the patient.
The Hydric Group pivots 45° so it can be approached both from the left and right side.
Chair Armrests
The TRITON or TRITON Plus dental chair is equipped as standard with a left fixed patient handle. Optionally and on
request, a handle can be added on the right side of the seat.
The delivery unit (tablet) - Five (5) outlets.
Even more enhanced lifting capacity: The most reliable drive motors (LINAK Denmark for TRITON and HANNING
Germany for TRITON PLUS) with a lifting capacity of more than 180 kg!
Mechanical system - through safety switches - and electronic system - through the electronic board - that
warns by blocking the movement of the seat in order to avoid an undesirable situation caused by unintentional
movement or the insertion of an object.
Especially for the PLUS model, seat movement is prevented when the spittoon is turned towards the patient.
Self-diagnosis system on the electronic boards by means of an acoustic signal in the event of overloading, etc.
System to keep the seat immobilised when the handpieces are in use.
For the conversion of the current from 220V to 24V, we always make sure to integrate transformers and other electrical
components of the highest quality accompanied by certificates of safety and widely known for their good operation.
10th km Old National Road
570 08 Thessaloniki-Kilkis