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Biomate-Plus Dental Implant | Exhibitor on the IDS - International Dental Show 2023

Biomate-Plus Dental Implant

Biomate-Plus Implant System is unique in:
1. Reduce the infection risk
2. Reduce the biofilm formation

Functions :
1. Bio-mimic implant
2. Self-existing bacteria inhibition implant
3. Rescue implant

Biomate-Plus Dental Implant system is suitable for all clinic conditions especially the followings:
1. The Compromised Bone (D3, D4).
2. Aged people
3. Immediate Replacement and Immediate Loading Surgery
4. Minimally Invasive Surgery
5. All-On-Four Surgery

Reasons :
1. Patented Precision Dimensional Laser (PDL) creates unique microchannel with micro-nano complex 3D pore. The microchannel induces the precursor of osteoblast directional moving onto the implant surface, and the micro-nano 3D pore improves the efficiency of osteoblast adherence, proliferation, differentiation, and finally, bone formation.

2. The PDL produces a nanostructure with a thick titanium oxide (TiO2) layer on the rim of microchannel. The TiO2 layer with anatase texture can effectively increase the adhesion of protein and osteoblast cells and promoting the bone growth on the implant surface.

3. The nanostructure with TiO2 also offers an environment for fibrin attach which benefits the for provisional matrix forming that is important for the early-stage bone healing.

4. The innovative microchannel with nanostructure can also induce angiogenesis which is crucial for new bone formation and bone maturation.
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