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DFAB® range: a complete ecosystem | Exhibitor on the IDS - International Dental Show 2023

DFAB® range: a complete ecosystem

In the dental field, DWS Systems develops processes to help dental clinics and laboratories undertake or complete digitalization, effectively deploying resources, reducing costs, and increasing competitiveness.

DWS’ main dental offering is the DFAB technology that helps the dentist by completing digital workflow through integration with intraoral scanning systems and CAD software, allowing the printing of 3D permanent or provisional restorations, in just one appointment.

The advantage of this novel workflow lies in the consistent realistic and esthetic reproduction of the patient’s natural teeth, both in shape and color gradient, thanks to its certified and biocompatible materials. The secret of DFAB’s speed lies in its TSLA (tilted stereolithography) technology, which allows viscous materials such as hybrid ceramics and composites to continuously re-circulate and flow combined with the unrivaled precision of SLA blue-laser photopolymerization. This is why the entire chairside printing steps can take as little as 30 minutes and less than an hour from preparation to cementation, within a minimally invasive procedure.

Photoshade technology for truly natural restorations
DFAB operates with .stl CAD restoration files and its novel Photoshade technology allows complete control over prosthesis color and shade gradient and achieve the most natural and esthetic result.

The operator selects the required shade range within the A1 to A3.5 boundaries followed by the desired position and width of the color gradient, in the apical, middle and cervical thirds of the restoration.

Why choose DFAB:
·         Esthetic restorations with Photoshade technology
·         Quiet and clean workflow
·         No dust or direct contact with printing material
·         One visit for permanent restorations
... easy, fast, smart!
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